Monday, March 9, 2009

Babies, Birthdays, and BFF's

Zoey has a BFF!! It's true! It says so right here. Very official, no? Charlotte's (the BFF's) mom also happens to be my local Mom Hero. Niki has taught me a lot about being a mom. I mean, first of all she introduced me to Puffs (total lifesaver). Plus, she knows where to get all the good (and cheap) kid clothes. Charlotte is 2 months older than Zoey so whenever we hit a new stage Niki has already been there. She either gives us helpful advice ("Try putting her formula in the cup with a straw so she can do it herself") or tells us the cold, hard truth ("Teething sucks and there's not a damn thing you can do about it").

Niki is my hero for other reasons too: She leaves me good voice mails like, "We just had a near princess experience!" and she always has extra snacks to share with Zoey. Niki also knows everything there is to know about any medical condition. And if she doesn't know enough she will google it and email you a summary of the results. Thanks to Niki I now know that when one coughs up green stuff it's actually part of the esophagus that has sluffed off. Nice.

Niki has never once lectured me about how I should make all of Zoey's baby food or I how I should cart Zoey around in a sling to foster attachment. When I tell Niki some of the worst of the worst that goes on at our house ("Zoey sucked on Gilmore's nose after he was sniffing his own poop!") Niki responds calmly with a story of equal horror ("Charlotte ate a piece of cat litter yesterday"). And when Niki, her husband, and Charlotte were all over for dinner and they witnessed Zoey tumbling off the couch due to our lack of parenting skills, Niki didn't get all judgey or grab Charlotte and run screaming from our house, instead she just helped us comfort Zoey.

Recently, Niki may have done something that elevates her from Hero status to Goddess. She made Zoey a dress (see it here). Made it. We had been at a consignment sale where a hopeful but delusional seamstress was selling pillowcase dresses for $28. Niki saw the dress, we both mocked the price, and then Niki said, "I could totally make this. Oh, it is sooooo on!" And then she made 2 of them -- one for Charlotte and one for Zoey.

Charlotte's first birthday is tomorrow. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY CJ!!! And thanks Niki for helping us through the first year and for shooting out such a wonderful BFF for Zoey!


  1. You give me WAY too much credit -- I'm petrified on a daily basis that I have already screwed CJ up beyond the point of no return. I guess all we can do is wander through the minefield, do our best, and hope any explosions don't do TOO much damage. And don't forget the first installment of our upcoming lecture series for the girls - "Why we DON'T want you to become cheerleaders but it is perfectly acceptable to secretly adore movies about them." Which will be complete with a showing of "Bring It On II", of course.

  2. This is really nice. You, Demetri, and Zoey inspire me and Niki. I am really glad that you and Niki have become good friends - I see how happy your friendship makes her. I am really enjoying watching Zoey and Charlie grow up together.