Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So this morning as an after-changing-a-youcko-smello-poopy-diaper reward, I had a piece of my favorite Easter candy: a Russell Stover's chocolate coconut nest. A little piece of the the chocolate fell on my shirt and I picked it off to eat it because one should never waste chocolate ... except that it wasn't chocolate. It was something else.

I felt like this:

Do you have a better (more horrific) poop story? Share it!


  1. I once ate cat food thinking it was taco meat. But I don't think that ranks up there with your story. I can't think of really bad poop story. Yours is too funny.

  2. I don't have anything NEARLY as horrific as yours, but here's something I wrote when Charlotte was just over a month old:

    "TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 2008

    Triple threat

    Oh my. Yesterday I experienced something that will go down in the record books as the wildest diaper change ever. Here's a run down of the events:

    1. Charlie fusses, so I check to see if her diaper is dirty. Yes, it is, so I set her down on the changing table and get the dirty diaper off.

    2. She spits up a bunch, all over her new "Baby Saurus" footie outfit.

    3. While I'm getting that wiped up, she pees.

    4. Before I get much further in cleaning up that mess, she screws up her little face and lets loose another big poop.

    5. I get the changing pad out of the way so at least she doesn't kick around in the poo and pee too much, but then Charlie spits up AGAIN.

    6. After I wipe her face off and get her cleaned off down south with a new diaper under her but not secured, Charlie takes another little poop.

    That might push some weaker mortals over the edge. They might throw up their hands in disgust and run screaming from the house, letting the dogs raise Charlie instead. I was close to reaching that point, but then Charlie gave me a little sly smile and melted my heart. I got her cleaned up again, threw on another footie outfit (a green one that says "Little Lamb"), and treated myself to a fudgsicle. Whew."

  3. Niki- just be careful about those fudgsicles .... might I suggest some fruit pops to escape the poop color theme and thus escape any mix ups.....yeah....

  4. I had that SAME THOUGHT as I reread the post! Of course, back then her poop was more the color of mustard. Good thing I already hate mustard.

  5. Cindy Phiffer here. I'm SO glad I found you again! We've missed you at the writing circle, so it's a delight to "hear" your voice again. Your poop story definitely wins the prize. I can only offer up a vomit submission:

    My son Josh was about 18 months old when he threw up all over himself while strapped into the car seat. My husband Jim managed a convenient store at the time, and we were within about a mile of it. We pulled in, Jim unhooked the car seat and carried the seat, Josh and all, into the store, set them down into the mop sink and hosed both off. It worked so well we that all new parents install one in the nursery before bringing baby home.

  6. CINDY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to hear from you!! And I think I may insist that Demetri install one of those sinks immediatley! :)

  7. Have you ever had projectile poop? When Delaney was still in newborn squirty poop phase, Botio was holding up her ankles to slip a new diaper under her bum when more poop squirted out, and because of the angle of her butt, launched across changing table and hit the wall. It just goes to show how a baby changes your standards of clean that my previously germophobe hubby just shrugged.
    So, does poop taste like chicken?