Friday, March 13, 2009

Running Like Girls II (with soundtrack!)

Please play the below while reading this post.

Yesterday Kara and I ran our first 5k. It was raining. And cold. But we crossed the finish line in Titans Stadium and waved at ourselves in the jumbotron. VICTORY was ours!!!!!!! The only bad thing that happened was that I majorly choked on some water. Must practice drinking while running.

Earlier last week Kara and I had a freak out about running a half marathon. A co-worker told Kara a horrific half marathon running story involving puke and pain. Kara initially calmly emailed me that she had some 'potentially' bad running news to tell me in person. I responded that it must be really bad if she had to deliver it face to face. Her next email basically said, "WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!"

We went for a 4 mile run later that night and totally re-psyched ourselves up for the half by listening to Footloose and admiring each others new running gear (yes, I did get a running skirt). We each gave each other the Sporty Spice Award ( a first in training history). We ran hills. On purpose. And we had enough wind left to sing the Rocky theme song at the top. Kara has this amazing Power Butt (think sexy J. Lo-esque). And her Power Butt often gets my Flabby Little No-Butt up the hills.
It's starting to dawn on me that running (or attempting to run) 13.1 miles is a big frickin' deal. We drove the actual half marathon course last weekend. 13.1 miles is far. It even seemed far in the car. Kara was driving and I was navigating. Kara was literally bouncing up and down in her seat with enthusiasm. Much of our conversation went like this:

Me: Take your next left.

K: (bouncing) Oh my gosh!!!! look!!!! We get to run through a neighborhood!!!

Me: yeah, if it's hot when we run people might squirt us with a hose...

K: Awesome!!! People will squirt us!!! Great!!! (bounce bounce bounce)

Me: Go right at the light.

K: Cool! Look! We get to run up this steep, never ending hill!!! How great is that!!

Me: Stay left . . .

K: Sweet! (bounce bounce) We get to run by this sketchy gas station!!!

Me: Yup, and on the next block I hear they throw dog shit on us during the race...

K: (bounce bounce bounce) Dog shit!!!! Awesome!

By the end of the drive I was certain there was nothing better to do in the whole world than run the half. With Kara.

I'm going to be in South Carolina for the next two weeks running solo. I'll have to do a 7 mile run by myself (plus 4 'short' 4.5 milers). I have a feeling I'm going to miss the Power Butt. Plus, I'll have to give myself the Sporty Spice award which just isn't as gratifying. And I won't have any one to tell me that my pale legs and no-butt make the running skirt look good. The hardest part of all this won't be making the 13.1 on race day; it will be getting through the next two weeks of training without Kara.


  1. Awesome job and you are well on your way! There's a 10k here in the summer I've toyed with running...but my leg problems...maybe Damon will run it.

  2. Congratulations on kicking butt (the abstract kind) in the race! I am in awe. Zozo should be so proud of her momma!