Monday, April 27, 2009

Charlotte and Zoey Hatch a Plan

"I have a plan to overthrow The Parents and achieve world domination!"

"I must put The Plan into action immediately! Where is my partner in crime?"

"Follow me Zoey! We don't have much time!"

"Can we use this ball for your plan?"

"No, we must use these mallets that The Parents foolishly left out . . ."

"Drat! Our arch nemesis, Experienced Grandparent, stopped us . . . for now."

"Bwahahahaha! We have access to a . . . uh . . .green can thingy! Victory will be ours!"

"If only we could get inside it ...."

"Stick your arm into the magical liquid inside green can thingy. . ."

"I'll distract The Parents with a diaper flash . . ."

"Ha HA! Our powers are growing!"

"oooh! Look! A pretty butterfly!"

"Doh! Zoey is too easily distracted! I will have to be Ruler of the Universe without her!"

"But wait! A rare Xylodog! I love dogs . . ."

Will Charlotte and Zoey ever defeat The Parents and achieve world domination? Stay tuned!


  1. Hysterical! You are too funny Zoey's Mom!

  2. Like I said-- whenever Zozo and Charbaby are together, they are UP TO NO GOOD!!!! Your captions made me laugh out loud. The green watering can pictures are soooooo funny!

  3. This is great! We had a great time at your place last night . . .

    Was the exploding thermometer part of the plan?

  4. We may need to take evasive measures when those two can actually communicate with each other. I foresee many evil plans in their future...

  5. What will that mischeivious duo do next? I must know! Maybe we should make sure theres a bunch of butterflies in the yard at all times!!