Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Guess what we did today? Left the house!! True it was to go to the doctor. (again). But still. And yes, I did have to do a confidence building meditation before showing my face in the office after last time. It turns out that Dr. A is even cooler than we thought and is still speaking to us. This time Zoey has fluid in her ears and some kind of snot infection that is apparently too strong for the Amoxicillin prescribed for the initial strep. Now we have a new non-wimpy antibiotic and ear numbing drops.

When we left the office we felt like that scene at the end of Brave Heart: Mel Gibson is being tortured before he is put to death and yells "FREEDOM!". Except minus the torture and death part. We had been given the 'not-contagious' stamp from Dr. A (plus new drugs which never hurt) and the world was ours. The sunlight was the most beautiful sunlight ever seen! The tree blossoms were the most delicate and lovely to ever bloom! The parking lost asphalt sparkled like the most beautiful diamonds! So . . . we called Niki and Charlotte, met up for lunch at Blue Coast Burrito, and sat outside where the girls could throw all the food they wanted on the ground. Plus, I had an orange soda. FREEDOM!


  1. I just LOVE it when the little things come together like that! Zorro is so cute, by the way.

  2. The birds who scavenged under our table are fat and happy today...