Monday, May 18, 2009

Mom Goodness

I think I'm scaring the crap out of one of my BFF's who is in pursuit of momhood. I mean, I can see how all my being-a-mom-is-so-frickin'-hard talk/postings/venting may be scary. So, behold!, a post (and pictures!) about some of the good things about being a mom.

1. Babies basically come with (read as: people will give you) lots of cool bath toys. You too can use them when you take a bath!

2. You can wield your staggering power (and creative genius) as a mother and dress your baby however you want.

3. Your cute baby will have cute baby friends so you are assured to get your cuteness quota each and every day.

4. Baby feet. Who can get enough of them? They are good for tickling, zerberting, and gently chewing on.

5. Babies (if in the mood) can be easily amused. This makes you, the amuser, feel like the funniest, smartest, most beauteous person in all the world.

6. Baby faces. Babies make great faces. And some babies have very squeezable cheeks.

7. Similar to #2, babies are really the only beings that should be wearing ruffle-butted anything. And YOU can make that happen.

8. Babies are always doing surprising and amusing things. Like making soup of themselves.

9. Babies have cute, soft, baby bellies. And they like to show them off. It makes a mother proud.

10. You get to buy the ginormous box of goldfish and partake in the eating of the yummy, cheesy deliciousness without feeling guilty.

11. Your baby will reach for your hand and (sometimes) you will hope the sidewalk never ends just so you don't have to let go.

12. Cute baby pajamas. Some of them even have feet!

13. What is cuter than baby curls?

14. Little baby diaper butts will make you say things like cutie-wootie-woo-woo; your vocabulary expands and becomes increasingly creative.

15. You will have a fan, a groupie, an admirer extraordinaire and you will be looked at like this (often):

More positivity and mom wonderfulness to come!


  1. I think you summed it up VERY WELL! Zoey is such a great baby!

  2. SO TRUE!!!! Baby belly buttons are the best too. I can never get enough. I'm so glad Charlotte can now find her own belly button on command. It's the best trick we ever taught her.

  3. It's all true! I too sometimes get lost in complaining-land, so it was fun to read this!

  4. Joslyne, this is a genius post. I'm going to have to re-read it throughout the next few months until Sonia gets out of her "4th trimester"....

    BEST BATH TOY EVER, by the way!!! Where in the world did you get that ducky tub? Sonia MUST have one-- I'm putting it on my shopping list.

  5. I never realized until item #4 that Zoey only has four toes! Freaky.