Tuesday, May 26, 2009

(A non-post post of all things random)

1. Over the weekend I was talking with a fabulous woman who had on a pair of fabulous bright red heels. I complemented her on her footwear and she said, "I always have to have a pair of red shoes in my closet -- they make me happy. " I decided that I, too, must have a pair of shoes that make me happy. Especially since the only shoes I've bought in the past TWO years are two pairs of running shoes. I don't wear heels, so my new happy shoes are a pair of pink chucks. Aren't they great? (That is a rhetorical question. If you don't like 'em, I don't wanna know).

2. Yesterday I failed as a mom as evidenced by Zoey burning her hand on a light bulb and falling out of a chair. I was in the room for both mishaps. Demetri tried to re-frame my failures as 'Important Lessons That Zoey Must Learn' but I was still feeling pretty bad about it. Until I read the below facebook status update from Corey* (Hi Corey!), Charlotte's dad:

While on my watch, Charlotte bit the head off a snail. Great. How do you think Niki's gonna react?

Then, as they say, I LMAO and felt a wee bit superior. For .2 seconds when the bulb burning and chair falling all came rushing back. You can read more juicy details of the snail tasting here.

3. I love, adore, worship, revere, and am madly jealous of this post about Disney princesses.

4. Zoey has entered Climbing Phase. This does not please me.

5. This week we have been or will be deserted by Niki and Charlotte, The Grandparents, and Kara. It's not looking good for our survival. Call us! Email us! Serenade us! We are lonely. (sniffle, sniffle).

* It should be noted that Corey is a great dad and wonderful friend to our family. Even though he let CJ eat a snail. And it should also be noted that now we have something to tease him about. Until we do something worse. Which will be any day now.

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  1. Wow! Finally a mention on ZoZo's blog, and all it took was admitting that my daughter ate a snail on my watch!

    This just goes to show perhaps the old saw that "snips and snails and puppy dogs tails" no longer only applies to little boys.