Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poopy-schmoopy and Pride

So a few days ago I reached a new mom milestone. And, as one might gather from the title of this post, it involves poop. And, as one might further gather, I am going to share this wonderful and monumentus moment with you.* Because you are beautiful and smart and oh so thin and the nicest person in the whole wide world (and will now be racked with guilt if you don't continue reading).

I was changing Zoey's diaper. It was a Code Brown with a major poop log. Somehow between tranferring the dirty diaper to the trash, wiping, creaming, and putting on a new diaper, the poop log rolled out of the diaper and got wedged between the changing pad and the raised edge of the changing table. Except I didn't notice. For quite a while. I did, however, keep thinking I can still smell it . . . How odd . . . When I did discover the log some time later, I wasn't even mildly horrified. In fact, I almost picked it up with MY BARE HANDS. But didn't. At the last second. When I did pick it up WITH SOME TISSUES, not only was I not grossed out, I was sort of facinated. I mean there were peas and carrots and beans, WHOLE beans, in there. It seemed like something astronauts would eat -- a meal all packed into one freeze dried nurti-log. Except this was a little too damp to be freeze dried. . .

Ahem! ANYWAY. I feel sure that moms the world over have had this same experince.** A mom is a mom is a mom. It takes a lot more than mere poop to gross us out. Ha HA! I am now officially part of the Real Moms Club. I accept my membership with pride.

* Please note that I am kindly not providing a picture for this post.

**If you've had this experince, SHARE! Otherwise, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF and don't rain on my parade.


  1. Hehe...This is too funny. I "shared" on my blog:

  2. CLASSIC!!! I'm planning my share...

  3. I used to think no one talked more about poop than Peace Corps Volunteers, but now I know that pales in compare to moms. Can you imagine almost picking up anyone elses poop wiht your bare hands? Moms have super poop picking powers! I would now like to take a moment to chronicle poop:
    1. sticky tar-black out-of-the-womb poop
    2. squirty yellow mustard dripping off the hotdog poop
    3. smelly, solid food, brown pancake poop
    4. smelly, sat-on-the-stairs, bouncing to Abba, squished and powdery poop
    5. Oh crap, we're on an outing, middle-of-no-where, ran out of diaper wipes, hey, I've got a water bottle poop...didn't drink out of that bottle again that day

    What have I forgotten?

    Oh yeah. Our friend baby Mya was fond of eating her books. Her parents found letters in her poop. It was sort of like a word search in the diaper.