Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shot Through the Heart (And Who's to Blame . . .)

Yesterday Charlotte gifted Zoey with two toy baby bottles that have quickly become her most prized possessions. They're the kind that you tilt back and the milk disappears*. Fancy-schmancy! So far, Zoey has fed her new baby bottles to herself, the baby doll, the hippo, the pool inner tube, Gilmore, the baby chair, the vacuum, a shoe, the TV remote, Boomer, the freezer, and the garage door. But will she share with me? That's a big N-O. Apparently, her own mother, who gave up a lucrative social work career, most of her sanity, and many hours of sleep all for HER doesn't deserve a sip of fake milk. Thanks for the self-esteem boost there, kid.
* A (very) lengthy (and repetitive) explanation from Niki was required for me to understand how the disappearing milk works. Yup, nothing' gets by me. Sharp as a tack!


  1. I love those bottles. There's no trick. The milk really does get fed to your dolls and then magically refills. What trick? What are you talking about?!?!?

  2. My grandson uses his sisters' bottles like this in his "magic act."

  3. I don't get it - how DOES the milk disappear? Or should I ask Nikki?

  4. Adorable!!! I am especially loving that second picture!!!

  5. I think that the milk-disappearing trick shall remain a secret until Joslyne can successfully repeat my explanation. Ha! I bet she can't. So will she feed Demetri, or is he S.O.L. as well?

    I think the title of this post is especially appropriate considering Zozo's hair looked a bit like Bon Jovi's in the pool this afternoon. She could have a rockin' mullet (much like Charlotte's) if she straightened the back of her hair.

    And those are two of the absolute cutest pictures I have ever seen. Why is it so freaking cute to see toddlers playing mommy?