Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Small Note of Appreciation

Dear Small Airport in New Hampshire,

Thank you for an exceptional travel experience yesterday. It was a pleasure to spend 4 hours at your airport. First, let me compliment your professional and well-trained security staff. They are so organized and efficient that you only need one security lane! And Boy! Did we ever feel safe! The security person monitoring the video screens was especially talented. She artfully spied two dangerous objects in our luggage (an empty baby bottle and a juice box -- my bad!) and then immediately alerted the rest of the security crew by calling out, "Bag check! And it's not MY fault!". Wow! Her evil stare is quite effective. I also appreciated the way the juice box (again - my bad!) was handled with rubber gloves and inspected for "harmful materials." I had offered to just throw out the juice box, but thank goodness your pro-active staff was able to test it for explosives. I know the 35 people in line behind us appreciated that.

In addition, I was genuinely grateful that our plane was "grossly delayed". I appreciated both the accuracy of the language and that we got to spend an additional 3 hours at the airport. It was an added bonus that our direct flight was then re-routed through Chicago. Fun!

Oh! And the food at your airport? What decadence! I am thankful that you stock M&M's. I was momentarily miffed by the $2.49 price tag for a regular size bag but, then again, how can you put a prince on happiness? And your chicken sandwich? What can I say but YUM! Some serious culinary creativity went into making the processed, day old chicken look fresh. The fake grill lines and the square shape offered at least 3 minutes of amusement to us.

Last, but not least, it is so modern of you to only have changing tables in the women's restrooms! Thanks for reinforcing the point that it's MY job to change the poopy diapers. I've been looking for confirmation on my womanly role in life and I'm so glad I found it at your airport!



  1. Airport travel sucks. We've done our fair share with the kids and now that the kids are old enough to handle long drives I hope to not fly if we can avoid it...
    Anyway, glad you are back!

  2. I appreciate your sarcasm. Some people think it makes the world worse. I think it makes it much, much better.