Sunday, June 28, 2009


We've been struggling here a bit. I think our vacation broke us. I've been having back/neck fibromyalgia pain. Demetri's had a sore throat AND had to go back to work. Not to mention that he is currently stuck with a wife who can't pick up Zoey. Or a spoon. Well, I can but it doesn't feel great. Oatmeal is rather heavy. Seriously.

On the up side, my fabulous parents have been helping out TONS. They've been taking Zoey for at least 4 hours a day. The past two days, our Zoey-free time has involved me laying on an ice pack and moaning while Demetri lays in separate room, moans, and watches the Red Sox. Then, after a couple hours of moaning, we watch a violent movie together just because we can (as there's no baby in the house). And usually there isn't much plot, so even if our combined whining drowns out the dialogue, we still pretty much know what's going on. It's a win win.

I have one thought that always works to console me: At least we're not Jon and Kate. I have only watched 3 episodes (not in their entirety) and, man, am I glad that I don't have 8 kids. Or am married to Jon. Or Kate. Whenever I feel especially bad about my parenting, I put J and K on for a few minutes. No matter what's going on here, at least it not what's going down at the Gosselin's. Zoey smeared hummus in her freshly washed hair? Kate hired a babysitter and all 8 kids got bubblegum in their hair! Zoey had a poonami? Kate is home with 8 kids with diarrhea! I didn't have time to brush my hair? Demetri didn't put the nighttime diaper on right? Kate has a weird (seemingly permanent) haircut and Jon committed adultery!

Suddenly, our life is lookin' pretty good.

True, we haven't been on Oprah. Or gone to Hawaii. Or had our house made "green" for free. But I have a husband who spoon feeds me blueberry pie and makes me popcorn because it's "light". Parents who help help help. And one kid. One funny, smart, darling, curly-haired, perfect kid. The ability to lift a spoon is over-rated.


  1. My husband and I loved this post - esp the paragraph about why it's so great that you're not J & K! (And Zoey is gorgeous I hope you both feel better soon.

  2. I'm so glad you guys have help. Feeling bad and having parent duties is teh-suxors when you have no one around to take over. And I concur about J & K. We don't have cable to see the show but I have heard enough about it to know that I am glad to not be like them. I hear it's like watching a train wreck. So sad.

  3. Charlotte is waving at the cute Zozo photo and shrieking "HI! HI!!" She seems to have missed the point, but I loved the post. You forgot one blessing to count though -- your life and choices aren't publicly scrutinized! Why anyone wants their own reality show is beyond me...

  4. Beautifully written. Makes me want to count my blessings (the whole Jon & Kate part). I hope y'all feel better soon.