Tuesday, July 21, 2009

6 Things

1. Zoey's new 'thing' is sticking her fingers down her throat until she gags and/or pukes. This is an especially fulfilling aromatic experience after she has eaten Goldfish, provolone cheese, and Mango juice.

2. Yesterday, upon arriving home from Target, I unloaded all the bags, unpacked all the stuff and then sat down at the computer thinking, 'Ahh! It's so nice and quiet!' This thought was quickly interrupted by, 'Oh shit! Zoey is still in the car!'*

3. The new Disney TV movie Princess Protection Program was . . . disappointing. I had such high hopes . . .

4. Tomorrow, our cable gets turned off. This is our attempt to be "more creative and productive" with our evening time. (Note to Niki: please save the Top Chef: Masters recordings for me).

5. I have decided, starting today, to eat significantly less chocolate. Please direct all prayers, condolences, and well wishes to Demetri. He will need them.

6. The Twilight Series ROCKS! (HiiiiiIIIIIiiii Damon!)

* Just FYI, Zoey had fallen asleep in the car which was parked in the garage with the windows down. She was out there for maybe 4 minutes. But still. One never likes to completely forget the existence of one's children.


  1. No cable = good. We haven't had cable, well, ever, and it's all good - as long as you have Netflix. Next you'll be getting rid of your dryer (if you *really* want to be like us) :)

    Good luck with the chocolate though. Hot chocolate is just as good and less calories/fat.

    Hmmm maybe I should read Twilight...

  2. You are such a Mom! and you think your experiences, and leaving sleeping babies in the car (safely) are unique...how cute...I remember leaving yu in the car with a load of lumber and power tools while running inside and bragging that i was going to make you the next "Roberta Vila" :)You survived, and I ahve shelving to prove it :)

  3. I totally respect your plan to ditch the cable, and I have tried such maneuvers myself in the past. They failed miserably, and I was so happy to be back in front of USA or TNT. Good luck to you!

  4. i read an article about people who developed a routine that reminds them that the baby is the back seat. i think some people use a bell on the wrist or waist (that way, if they leave the baby behind, the bell sound will jog their memory). other people leave something like a teddy bear in the front seat. i don't know if either of these strategies works, though. what if you forget to take the bell or teddy bear?

  5. When Sophie was a baby and up in her crib sleeping, I once grabbed my Target list and car keys and headed out the door. Thankfully, before I actually got in my car and drove away, I remembered that I had a child.