Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All About Sacrifice

Over the weekend Demetri power washed our aggregate drive way and last night he sealed it. With incredibly foul, fumy sealant. It was so bad that the smoke alarms went off for a bit. Here's a conversation we had this morning:
me: Why did you sleep on the couch last night?

him: The smell was so bad in our room . . . I opened all the windows downstairs and turned on the fan to get some fresh air. I was afraid the fumes would do something bad to my head if I stayed upstairs.

me: Um . . . You shut the door to our room with me, YOUR WIFE, inside and no cracked window. . .???!?

him: Well it didn't seem to bother you . . .

me: Yeah but you thought it was going TO KILL YOU and you left me UP THERE to die!

him: Well . . . not exactly . . .

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary.
You know, back in happier times BEFORE my husband tried to kill me off.


  1. The funny part is it made perfect sense to Demetri at the time. Probably still does.

    Last time we sealed our driveway I packed us in the car (Dan included) and left for the weekend. It's the WORST.

  2. Good reminder that I need to seal the driveway.

    Also, one of our neighbors had a minor break with reality. He drove his car across the street to our house (literally - across the street), with this dog in it, early one morning and knocked on our door. We answered and he told us that he needed help - there was an evil spirit in his house. We asked where his wife was. He nonchalantly told us she was still in the house. Interesting that he saved his dog, but not his wife.

  3. Yes. exactly. 1. before we went to bed I said we should keep the windows open and fan on, but no "it is too warm upstairs, we need to turn on the AC and close the windows." [who knew that the AC includes an intake vent to mix in some "fresh" outdoor air into the circulation.] 2. it really didn't smell that bad, but my nose was keeping me awake. 3. you know how you hate it when you wake up in the night and their is ANY light on in the house, so i figured you'd appreciate that i closed the door to block the light from me reading the New Yorker downstairs about from midnight to 2am (sorry i forgot about the asphyixation thing.)

    #4 Driveway sealant, although it says on the can it's an "acrylic" product is NOT water-based. As we discovered it is petroleum-based and NASTY FUMY. note to self: Never buy or use this product again. (please add it to suckit list)


  4. I think I inappropriately used some sort of sealant/paint like you describe when I was working on the family room. It took over a week to clear the smell out.

    But the wall looks nice.

  5. Corey should have specified that the strange story he recounted happened when he lived in Michigan, not in the hallowed neighborhood of Cannonwood here in Franklin, TN. Though I'm pretty darn sure stuff like that happens in the CW as well.

    The big question is what did Demetri do with Gilmore and Boomer while you were slowly poisoned to death upstairs?

  6. A similar thing has happened in my household. I was pleased to know, once I had awakened, that my dog, cat and husband would have all survived.

  7. The first Christmas Precious and I spent together (he popped the question on New Year's), I was inside putting ornaments on the tree. Husband-to-be was outside. Without warning, said tree fell over and took me down with it. I screamed for help. No response. Later, after I extricated myself from clinging tinsel and pointy stars, he offers this: "I thought I heard something."
    P.S. Glad you're still with us....