Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nemisi (it's totally a word)

We no longer have chairs around the kitchen table (or in the kitchen for that matter). No more end tables. The sofa table is now up against the wall instead of, you know, THE SOFA. The coffee table is still in it's place, but only because it's low and on carpet. That's right, Zoey is a climber. The kid has some serious upper body strength. She can move a chair from two rooms away, over carpet, and into the kitchen exactly where she wants it. Which currently is at the sink. She loves to play in the sink, around the sink, and with anything she can reach by the sink. Of course we took the regular precautions: moved the knife block far away, only gave her plastic things to play with, stood right behind her so she wouldn't fall. But let me be the first to tell you: if you are not the one actually playing in the sink it gets old. Fast.

Apparently, if you are 16 months old and my child you MUST PLAY IN THE SINK EVERY WAKING MOMENT. And if you are not allowed to play in the sink you must wait, in stealth mode, until your mother is busy doing something else (i.e. - cleaning up the plant you just over turned in the other room). Then, you must seize the moment and push a chair up to the sink and turn on the water! Or, alternately, throw a massive tantrum. Again and again. And yet again. Until your mother is broken.

I am broken. My 16 month old, 22 pound child -- she has broken me. The sink and the chairs, they are my arch nemisi. BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE TO DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN SPOT SOMEONE PLAYING IN THE SINK.

Take this sink and chair!!! Hiiiiiii-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (imagine awesome jumping karate kick here)



  1. Take that nemesis

    I told everyone that if they come visit, they will be standing up the whole time.


  2. Could you just kind of duct-tape her to the chair, and bolt the chair to the floor? It might sound drastic, but then you could relax in the living room, watch a little tv, drink a cup of coffee - sounds pretty good now, doesn't it??

  3. At least you put cushions on the floor! I think that earns you one of those model mother badges....

  4. I like the pillows on the floor. Playing in the sink is fun. Instead of fighting it, embrace it. Use the sprayer to squirt Boomer, Gilmore, and Demetri. You know you want to.

  5. If that little climber makes it to her second birthday without the necessity of a full-body cast I am going to be shocked. She is one amazing little spider monkey.

  6. I didn't know that nemesi was the plural of nemesis. thanks, oh scrabble goddess!

  7. You know what she needs? One of those water tables I've seen at preschools. She would have water at her own height to play in at her content. Caution: Put the water table on the patio!!
    Grandma Jo

  8. I say teach her to wach the dishes while she's up there. Plactic cups, know she's good for it!