Monday, November 9, 2009

Let That Be a Lesson*

The Dads are gathered at the playground. The football talk gets old. The Dads get bored. And, in a moment that will live forever in infamy, a bet is placed. Violence ensues.

It's toddler against toddler. Friend against friend. Pigtails versus Afro.

A command is given. Each fighter is instructed to "hug" her "friend". There can be only one survivor. One champion.

One of the contenders, let's call her The Obedient Child, has superior listening skills and the ability to follow directions. The other competitor, let's call her The Disobedient Child, fails to heed the command due to a fondness for personal space (and a blatant disregard for authority) . . .

The Disobedient Child goes down. Hard. (see title).

Then, in an end no one saw coming, the competitors go ride a dinosaur.

* All pictures courtesy of Niki


  1. Ahhh dinosaurs - the great equalizers. Or something like that.

  2. Nice to see that despite their differences, they can still see eye to eye when it comes to concrete dinosaurs. :)

  3. They obviously are living life to the fullest despite minor differences!

  4. This is hilarious!

    Oddly, I lost the bet . . .


  5. I read this earlier today, and this afternoon, the phrase "pigtails versus afro" popped in my head. HA!!! Those two kids could totally make you guys millionaires by doing toddler cage matches.

  6. Those two are quite the pair. I still have no idea how you decided which one was "disobedient" and that the other one was "obedient"! I would have applied the labels in quite the opposite manner.

    Don't you love how I continued to take photos as my daughter took your daughter down like a mud wrestler? Did I rush forward to stop the carnage? No - I apparently thought taking pictures was more important. Poor Zozo may be scarred for life and it's all my fault... ; )

  7. Nah, she'll remember the Great Parachute Rescue and forgive all.

  8. I think you should send this to the WWBWF: World Wide Baby Wrestling Federation.

  9. My money's on Zoey in the next round.