Sunday, February 28, 2010

17 Hours

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! HiiiiIIIIIIiii! We're back! And guess what! It's 5 AM! And I've already made 3 breakfasts! And watched 2 episodes of Sesame Street! And Zoey is sick again! And so am I! And Demetri is out of town!

This is actually the first time I have been alone with Zoey over night. Yes, I know that you are often home alone for many days at a time with your kid/s. No big deal, you're thinking. And maybe it isn't. For you -- a strong goddess-like being that possesses super mothering powers. I, on the other hand, am a wimp.

So Zoey and I got home last night after two long plane rides. Technically, the flights weren't long -- only an hour each. But it felt like . . . longer. Much, much longer. Sir, I'm sorry again about spilling Goldfish in your lap after knocking you in the head with my daughter's foot. Apologies also to everyone in rows 1 - 20. It is annoying to be knocked in the head/shoulder with a fellow passenger's bag as they go down the isle, isn't it? And to our seat mate in 21 F -- I'm pretty sure the snot and cream cheese stain will come out of your shirt. One of those stain-stick thingies might do the trick . . .

So yeah. We got home. Which is good. And Zoey was perhaps the merest bit tired and hungry and cranky. And sick. Low fever. Lots of snot. Cough. But I finally got her to go to sleep. And I was feeling pretty gosh darn pleased with myself. Which lasted about 35 minutes. Which, coincidently, was when Zoey began yelling, "Mamiiiiiiiiii! Boogahhhh! Nose!" This translation is just approximate but I believe the gist is, Mami I have boogers in my nose and can't sleep! So we read books. Drank some "cow". Sung some songs. And slept fitfully. Until the totally reasonable hour of 2:30 AM.

Now here we are. Zoey is sitting on her trike watching Sesame Street. I am gathering my patience and sanity . . . and counting the hours until Demetri gets home. (See title).


  1. I didn't realize you were sick too! Oh, you poor thing. 15 hours now. Getting closer.

    Prayers for Demetri:)

  2. I don't blame Zoey. I can't sleep with boogers in my nose, either.


  3. Is he back? Is he back?? I hope his flight went well!!!