Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One of The Hills I'm Not Going to Die On

I just wanted to let you know that Zoey is now dressing herself. As long as she chooses clothes that provide enough warmth and general coverage*, I'm not going to fight it. I do not possess the internal resources to argue every day over clothes. And I don't have the upper body strength to force her into things she doesn't want to wear. So . . . Behold!!!! Today's outfit:

Why, yes! That is a Christmas tree shirt! It's rather fetching, don't you think?**

Who says one can't be festive all year long? Not us! One can totally celebrate a winter holiday while sporting pants that speak to the hope of an early spring.

We also don't follow random societal rules, like the one about matching socks. Fight the power, baby!

So, um, yeah. Again: Zoey is dressing herself. Do you get what I'm saying? Hm? THE OUTFITS ARE NOT MY FAULT. Don't judge me. A well dressed and clothing-coordinated child is not necessarily an indicator of competent parenting. Right? RIGHT???***

* Yesterday she wanted to wear a tank top over her legs and nothing else. This is an example of inadequate coverage.
** Clearly, this is a rhetorical question
*** Not a rhetorical question.


  1. I wore the same outfit to every other day of 2nd grade. (My mom insisted on washing it in between wearings.) I think you're doing just fine...

  2. BWAHAHAHA!!! I absolutely love Zozo's outfit, actually. Now, I know pictures don't always show real colors, but to my eyes, all of the colors seem to coordinate. And let me tell you-- I wore non-matching socks all the time in late elementary school & junior high (much to my twin sister & mother's horror). So, I think Zozo has a future as a stylist. Rachel Zoe, watch out!

  3. Yet another example of why you're such a super mom. The whole choose-your-battles concept largely eluded me when my firstborn was a toddler. It wasn't until my son came along that I started to separate the important (Don't feed the baby my deodorant!) from the unimportant (Your braids aren't symmetrical!). This explains why my son was spotted in the grocery store (in June) wearing a bunny costume.

    If everyone's safe and happy, who the hell cares?

    (I love the whole pink and green thing, Zoey.)

  4. When he was 3, not this past June!

  5. I love it when I see kids who clearly dressed themselves. Tutu and doggie sweater at the grocery store? Sure! Stripey leggings, shamrock shirt and sparkly shoes? Why not!? I think it is the sign of a parent who respects their child's autonomy. So there. Also, my brother's girlfriend has purposely chosen mis-matched socks every day since she was 10. So rock on, Zozo!

  6. My kids still wear their Halloween shirts. I gave up on caring what they wear long ago - it's not worth the effort. I think Zoey looks cute in what she picked. It's all about self-expression!

  7. She matches better than when I dress Charlie . . .


  8. 1. Zoey clearly has an excellent sense of color coordination
    2. Zoey clearly has a mother who will foster her sense of independence and self expression (which I happen to think is really important)
    3. Zoey clearly has a sense of fashion trends. In inner city Baltimore school aged kids commonly wear mis-matched socks on purpose.
    4. Zoey clearly is smarter than me at that mom has stories of me wearing clothing inside out and backwards.

  9. I say celebrate Zoey's sartorial panache! Let her choose your clothes, too!

  10. I missed this post when it was first released. But how funny! And I think that it is important to let Zoey mix it up a bit. Better now than when she's, say, 25??? When I was born I had two teenage sisters who dressed me daily- until I was a Junior in High School! When I had to strike out on my own I made some real faux pas- during my SENIOR year in high school. Better to let it happen now than later. Trust me because I know what it feels like.

  11. This is FABULOUS! I think you may have a very gifted fashion designer in the house! I *love* her outfit - it MATCHES! Better than I can do, somedays.