Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Art and Victory

Some moms cherish rocking their baby back to sleep at 3 AM -- the quiet of the house, the sweet smell of the baby's neck, a moment of snugly peace. Me? Not so much. I cherish my sleep. I also madly cherish my daughter's refrigerator art. Behold!

And yes, that is in fact the turkey that has been up since Thanksgiving. But it is the very best hand turkey I have ever seen and I can't bear to take it down. Now the turkey has company! Like this abstract interpretation of nap time. Notice how the pink and green work to create a feeling of comfort and sleep while the orange mirrors the loss of missing out on play time.

Next we have a shamrock. A BEDAZZLED shamrock. Do I need to explain the searing brilliance of glitter? I think not.

And, hello! Hand tulips! Note the precise placement of the fingers to mimic petals. GENIUS!

Here is the piece de resistance, "Duck". Notice the vertical placement of the feathers -- a subtle commentary on hope and freedom as represented by flight.

Finally, you are probably wondering, Hey, what is that thing in the upper left corner of the fridge that doesn't look like art? Well, it's a Scrabble score sheet in which I, J, beat my mother-in-law, N. My MIL is also known as The Scrabble Goddess. It is rare that I beat her. It is rare that anyone beats her. So, although this game occurred about 6 months ago, the proof of my amazing Scrabble victory shall remain a prominent feature of our kitchen until the paper disintegrates. Or until I laminate it.

And yes, I am a very gracious winner. For the record, I am a mom who cherishes sleep, my daughter's refrigerator art, and VICTORY.


  1. I have been a quiet reader for awhile, but this post breaks my silence because it reminds me of my own mom. I am approaching 30 (gasp!!!) and my mom still has a suitcase full of my sister and my artwork that she simply cannot part with. We have moved many times and crossed many state lines, but her masterpieces must travel with her. I personally think this is insane and they are ugly scribbles anyway, but I guess I need to be a mom to appreciate these works of art :)

  2. I have no idea what you're talking about... I LOVE being up with a baby at 3 am. LOVE IT! Screw the artwork! What a cliche! I want to be up at 3 am. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. F is very excited for Zoey to teach her all about abstract expressionist bedazzled art!

  4. OMG. Just when I think I can't like you any post THIS. Laminate it. You kill me.

  5. I have a bulletin board that I have had since college and it is filled with art and cards from Kurt and Justin. To preserve them...I had the whole dang bord laminated!

    As for go girl!

    Justin and I play a version of scrabble known as "WTF" Scrabble. Essentially, if you can define it without pause and use it in a counts :). It is an interesting version with obviously high word scores.

    Zoey's art is wonderful!

  6. love the artistic commentary! "orange as lost playtime" ...seriously, have you been to art school? -d