Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Totally Ridiculous Conversation (On Many Levels)

me: Wait . . . How old am I? 33 or 34?

Demetri: Uuuh . . .

me: HOLY SHHHHHH....! Am I turning 35?????

Demetri: No. No way. You must be 33.

me: Ok. Wait. How old are you turning?

Demetri: Fooooorty . . . five?

me: WHAT? no. It must be 44.

Demetri: Wait ... do you know what number Super Bowl it's going to be because I'm the same age as the Super bowl?

me: Uh, OF COURSE I don't know the number of the super bowl.


Me: Crap, I'm going to have to do math.

Zoey: Grrr..... My parents are idiots!


  1. Yeah...I can't remember how old I am either! I think I might be turning 32 for the 5th time on my next birthday.

  2. Seriously? It's hard to calculate your age even though you were born in 1975? Try doing the math on the fly when your birth year is 1977. Then you know real confusion. I think I'm just going to stay 30 for a while. I like Laura's strategy.

  3. That's why God gave us ten fingers and toes for counting...math is visual you kid, you :). I have unfinished projects around the house that are older than you are :)

    Happy Birthday,

  4. I feel your pain. I freely admit that I am a CPA who is embarrassingly bad at doing math in my head. I also frequently forget how old I am!